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Learn About Zero-Flex - For The Salon
Learn About Zero-Flex - For The Home
Learn About Zero-Flex - For Health Care
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Zero-Flex For Home Users

Physicians around the country are treating and documenting the health risks that result from the improper positioning of the neck during traditional salon services. To protect themselves from these risks, consumers must demand that their salons and caregivers provide an alternative method to wash and rinse the hair. For home care or day-to-day individual use, the Zero-Flex system completely eliminates Neck HyperExtension.

The Zero-Flex Hair Care System, designed by a leading geriatric specialist, eliminates Neck HyperExtension while offering a comfortable, convenient, and dignified method to fully wash and rinse the hair.
  • FDA Regulated
  • Used in facilities coast to coast
  • As seen on NBC News programs nation-wide
  • U.S. Patent S953768, other Patents Pending
Neck HyperExtension is a medical malady caused by incorrectly positioning the neck into shampoo bowls and backwash stations for shampoos, rinses, and processing.
Alarmingly, Neck HyperExtension has now been strongly linked to...  
Zero-Flex Hair Care System: The only system that eliminates Neck HyperExtension and reduces risk of Stroke and other serious Health Issues
Watch Video Here
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For The Salon
Zero-Flex allows stylists to fully wash and rinse clients' hair while keeping the neck in a neutral position
For Home Users
For home care or day-to-day individual use, Zero-Flex completely eliminates Neck HyperExtension
For Health Care
Medical professionals and healthcare facilities need to provide a safe, comfortable hair care experience for patients
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