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Zero-Flex Product History & Mission

How Zero Flex Got Started

Concerned by the increasing evidence of Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome, two Milwaukee area physicians put a great idea in action and began to develop the Zero-Flex Hair Care System.

The Zero-Flex product was initially designed to help save the lives of women who are at risk of stroke due to the inappropriate positioning of the head and neck – Neck HyperExtension – during traditional salon washes.

As the product was developed, additional applications have been discovered:
  • Prevention of musculoskeletal discomfort from Neck HyperExtension
  • Use for disabled and wheelchair-bound clients
  • Use by home based stylists
  • Reduction of workers' compensation claims by stylists
Growing medical and legal evidence indicates that prevention of Neck HyperExtension will become an increasingly important issue for salons. The Zero-Flex product is an effective and affordable way to help salons protect themselves and provide a safe and comfortable salon experience for their clients and stylists.

Our Mission
  • Increase awareness of the risks, to you and to your clients, of prolonged Neck HyperExtension
  • Educate salon owners and stylists and promote safe salon practices
  • Provide a value-added service that salon owners can offer their customers, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Provide a high-quality and highly professional product solution that salon owners will be proud to offer
Neck HyperExtension is a medical malady caused by incorrectly positioning the neck into shampoo bowls and backwash stations for shampoos, rinses, and processing.
Alarmingly, Neck HyperExtension has now been strongly linked to...  
Zero-Flex Hair Care System: The only system that eliminates Neck HyperExtension and reduces risk of Stroke and other serious Health Issues
Watch Video Here
Click the video frame above to view a short feature showing Zero-Flex use and benefits
For The Salon
Zero-Flex allows stylists to fully wash and rinse clients' hair while keeping the neck in a neutral position
For Home Users
For home care or day-to-day individual use, Zero-Flex completely eliminates Neck HyperExtension
For Health Care
Medical professionals and healthcare facilities need to provide a safe, comfortable hair care experience for patients
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