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Learn About Zero-Flex - For The Salon
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Zero-Flex Product FAQs

Salon professionals want to provide a safe and comfortable hair care alternative for their clients. Read on to learn more about the Zero-Flex Hair Care System...

Q. Which clients should use the Zero-Flex Hair Care System?
Although the Zero-Flex unit creates a safer and more comfortable salon experience for any client, there are particular client segments who should always have their hair washed and rinsed using the system:

  • Any client who is at increased risk for stroke - previous stroke, family history, high blood pressure and high-risk ethnic groups
  • Any client who has experienced neck, back or arm pain, dizziness or headache after using a shampoo bowl or backwash station
  • Any client with arthritis, osteoporosis or a history of musculoskeletal disorders
  • Any client who is uncomfortable in a traditional shampoo bowl or backwash station

Q. How is Zero-Flex different from other products like neck pads or shampoo capes and trays?
Shampoo bowl neck pads, while making the shampoo bowl somewhat more comfortable, do nothing to eliminate Neck HyperExtension and the resulting health risks.

Shampoo capes and trays, while preventing some Neck HyperExtension, do not eliminate all Neck HyperExtension, as it is necessary for the client to lean back in order for the stylist to get at the front of the head. Because these products do not completely encompass the head, water drips down the front of the client's face.

Unlike neck pads and portable shampoo basins, The Zero-Flex system is the only product on the market that eliminates all Neck HyperExtension — the client's head and neck are kept in a completely upright and neutral position during shampoos, processes and rinses. Because the Zero-Flex basin completely encompasses the client's head, the stylist can fully wash and rinse the front of the hair without splashing or dripping.

Q. What do I get from using the Zero-Flex System?
[What's in it for me?]

You and your salon will experience several significant benefits from incorporating the Zero-Flex system into your salon services.

  • First of all, offering the Zero-Flex system provides a value-added service to your clients that helps differentiate your salon from the competition.
  • This value-added offering will increase the satisfaction of your client base, creating customers that are more loyal. Customer loyalty has a direct impact on employee loyalty, which may help you decrease stylist turnover.
  • The upright positioning of the unit eliminates the need for stylists to bend over while washing and rinsing hair, reducing back strain for stylists and possibly, worker's compensation claims for your salon.
  • Use of the product may help protect you from insurance claims, increased premiums and even lawsuits.
  • Depending on your client base, you may even be able to charge an additional fee for each use.

Q. Does the unit work with my existing shampoo bowls or backwash stations?
The Zero-Flex unit is lightweight and portable — you move it where you need it. It accommodates any shampoo chair and bowl, backwash station, stylist's chair, or even wheelchairs. If for some reason your shampoo bowl or backwash station sprayers do not reach the unit, we offer a longer y-connection extension sprayer.

Q. Can the barrier be reused?
Yes, the barrier is designed to hold up through numerous uses.

Q. Does the product contain latex?
No. All Zero-Flex barriers are 100% neoprene.
Please contact us at 1-262-787-2023 if you need alternative barrier materials.

Neck HyperExtension is a medical malady caused by incorrectly positioning the neck into shampoo bowls and backwash stations for shampoos, rinses, and processing.
Alarmingly, Neck HyperExtension has now been strongly linked to...  
Zero-Flex Hair Care System: The only system that eliminates Neck HyperExtension and reduces risk of Stroke and other serious Health Issues
Watch Video Here
Click the video frame above to view a short feature showing Zero-Flex use and benefits
For The Salon
Zero-Flex allows stylists to fully wash and rinse clients' hair while keeping the neck in a neutral position
For Home Users
For home care or day-to-day individual use, Zero-Flex completely eliminates Neck HyperExtension
For Health Care
Medical professionals and healthcare facilities need to provide a safe, comfortable hair care experience for patients
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