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Zero-Flex Community Advocacy

Zero-Flex is proud to support local groups and efforts that aim to improve the quality of life in our communities. Sometimes the best plans, ideas, and results come from the beliefs and actions of dedicated individuals with a vision and a goal.

Click a web site icon to visit our friends [sites open in a new browser window]. Thanks for your support!

The Scooter Foundation

The Scooter Foundation's mission is to raise awareness of the human price that violence inflicts upon the community. The group provides youth with opportunities to build interpersonal skills and self-confidence, inspiring positive change in our community.

Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort

Through research, education and advocacy, WAVE Educational Fund raises awareness about firearm violence throughout the state, provides up to date information to the public and to policy makers, and promotes common sense measures.

Milwaukee Public Schools Violence Prevention Program

The Violence Prevention Program is an effort by Milwaukee Public Schools to respond to violence that is prevalent within our schools and community, a service it has provided schools in Milwaukee since 1988.

Neck HyperExtension is a medical malady caused by incorrectly positioning the neck into shampoo bowls and backwash stations for shampoos, rinses, and processing.
Alarmingly, Neck HyperExtension has now been strongly linked to...  
Zero-Flex Hair Care System: The only system that eliminates Neck HyperExtension and reduces risk of Stroke and other serious Health Issues
Watch Video Here
Click the video frame above to view a short feature showing Zero-Flex use and benefits
For The Salon
Zero-Flex allows stylists to fully wash and rinse clients' hair while keeping the neck in a neutral position
For Home Users
For home care or day-to-day individual use, Zero-Flex completely eliminates Neck HyperExtension
For Health Care
Medical professionals and healthcare facilities need to provide a safe, comfortable hair care experience for patients
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