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Learn About Zero-Flex - For The Salon
Learn About Zero-Flex - For The Home
Learn About Zero-Flex - For Health Care
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Zero-Flex Product Benefits

For Health Care

The Zero-Flex system is great for use on post-surgery, rehab, and sub-acute floors and in long-term healthcare settings.

Patients in surgical recovery and having other conditions that prevent contact with water can use the Zero-Flex system without having to get in the shower. And Zero-Flex is perfect for individuals in an arm cast, leg cast, or wheelchair: anyone with limited mobility or restricted range-of-motion will benefit from the upright neck and body positioning made possible by the Zero-Flex Hair Care System.

The Zero-Flex system allows you to fully wash and rinse a patient's hair, with warm water and real shampoo while they are fully clothed, contributing to the patient's dignity, comfort and quality of life.

The Zero-Flex system may help your facility satisfy current and upcoming regulatory issues around patient quality of care and the prevention of Neck HyperExtension and may even help in the process to obtain liability insurance or prevent increased rates.

The Zero-Flex system is seen as a value-added service for your patients, attracting families and patients to your facility.

The product is simple enough for all staff members to use comfortably with a minimum of training.

Using the Zero-Flex product in place of standard bathing protocals will reduce lifts and transfers, thus reducing possible injury to the staff as well as the patients.

For Salons, Stylists, Clients, and Home Users
  • Unlike neck pads and portable shampoo basins, the Zero-Flex Hair Care System eliminates all Neck HyperExtension. This is especially helpful for individuals with musculoskeletal issues or risk of stroke, or those who become uncomfortable during washes and processes.

  • Perfect for individuals in an arm cast or leg cast or wheelchair. Anyone with limited mobility or restricted range-of-motion will benefit from the upright neck and body positioning made possible by the Zero-Flex Hair Care System.

  • Easily accommodates your existing stylist chairs, shampoo bowls and backwash stations, providing a fast and affordable solution.

  • Basin completely encompasses the client’s head, allowing the stylist to wash and rinse the front of the hair without splashing or dripping.

  • Upright positioning eliminates the need for stylists to bend over while washing and rinsing hair, reducing back strain for stylists thus reducing employer injury.

  • Innovative and pleasing design and high quality materials support the image-conscious salon market.

  • Provides a value-added service to your clients that helps differentiate your salon from the competition.

Neck HyperExtension is a medical malady caused by incorrectly positioning the neck into shampoo bowls and backwash stations for shampoos, rinses, and processing.
Alarmingly, Neck HyperExtension has now been strongly linked to...  
Zero-Flex Hair Care System: The only system that eliminates Neck HyperExtension and reduces risk of Stroke and other serious Health Issues
Watch Video Here
Click the video frame above to view a short feature showing Zero-Flex use and benefits
For The Salon
Zero-Flex allows stylists to fully wash and rinse clients' hair while keeping the neck in a neutral position
For Home Users
For home care or day-to-day individual use, Zero-Flex completely eliminates Neck HyperExtension
For Health Care
Medical professionals and healthcare facilities need to provide a safe, comfortable hair care experience for patients
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